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Seminars and Resources Include

Health Plans: Medicare, Health Wellness
Nutrition: Diet and Exercise
Transitioning Seminar: From long-term care to short-term care, rehab, and supplement plans
Home Care: Life Plans, Hospice, Dental Care, Hearing
Home Improvements: Elevate Kupuna safety
Realtor Investments: Make informed property decisions
Fitness: Embrace a healthier lifestyle
Get Vaccinated: Prioritize your health
Vision Care: Enhance your visual wellness

What to Expect

Our expo boasts an impressive lineup of seminars, workshops, and presentations designed to equip you with the knowledge to make informed decisions for your loved ones and yourself. From health plans and wellness strategies to nutrition, exercise, and even real estate options, we’ve carefully curated an agenda that covers every facet of senior living.

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Engaging Activities

But that’s not all—we’ve sprinkled the event with exciting activities, prizes, and giveaways to add fun and excitement. After all, aging gracefully should be a celebration, and we’re here to make that celebration memorable.

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Be Part of the Hawaii Active Seniors Expo

Experience the essence of empowerment for Hawaii’s active seniors and their families. Join us at the Hawaii Convention Center on June 21-22, 2024. Engage, learn, and explore the best resources for a fulfilling lifestyle.

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